The Z28 Camaro, which takes its name from its Regular Production Option code,
was created for the SCCA Trans-Am sedan racing class, which had an engine
displacement limit of five liters (305 cubic inches). Engineer Vince Piggins promoted
the idea of a Camaro-based car within Chevrolet, and a competitive engine was
devised by putting a 283 crankshaft in a 327 block, resulting in 302.4 cubic inches,
just under the limit. The resulting Z28 was very successful in Trans-Am, and that
success rubbed off on showroom models, which were snapped up by eager customers.

Nearly all production Z28s were hardtop coupes. A single Central Office Production
Order was issued in 1968 a Z28 convertible, created for Chevrolet general manager
Elliott “Pete” Estes.

Estes used the car as a personal driver and was so excited with it that he gave the okay
to release similar special parts for the Penske Racing team to use on their racing Camaros.
This incredibly rare muscle car was sold at auction in 1991 for a then record muscle car
price of $172,000. When the record price was established, all of the special parts had
been taken off and the Camaro was equipped as stock. Al Maynard, the current owner,
purchased another car to replace the special equipment originally on the Pete Estes Camaro.

Al Maynard states emphatically “This is the Pete Estes car! It has all the original sheet metal
with absolutely nothing changed. Everything is date coded correctly, and every piece is
absolutely correct. It is the only one in the world.” Several knowledgeable collectors and
investors have stated that this is the rarest muscle car on the planet and could easily become
one of the first muscle cars to well exceed the one million dollar mark. Even with a
$1,000,000-1,500,000 price tag, it could be considered an outstanding bargain. This rare
jewel is not an engineering car or a prototype, but a true unique Chevrolet COPO production
car. The Estes 1968 Camaro Convertible Z28 was one of the main feature attractions in the
2004 Kruse International Labor Day Auction where it was bid to over one million dollars.


The rarest Camaro one the planet! Convertible 1968 Z28 302 with dual Carbs! Deluxe Interior!

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